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Site Rules and Disclaimer

Site Rules and Disclaimer

Postby otdrmn » Tue May 01, 2007 8:50 pm

Site Rules, Disclaimer

Aims of the ‘lineman.co.nz’, ‘lineman.com.au’ and ‘linemen.co.uk’ website and forums:

:arrow: To provide an arena for discussion and information sharing related to linemen, linework and the electricity industry within New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom
:arrow: To create a friendly environment for like minded people to meet online.
:arrow: To encourage safe work practices and standards.
:arrow: To raise awareness of issues relevant to linework and associated fields.


The ‘lineman.co.nz’, ‘lineman.com.au’ and ‘linemen.co.uk’, its forum administrator, and moderators absolutely reserve the right to delete any post or thread of discussion without explanation and at their sole discretion. Further they reserve the right to ban any individual from participating in the forum and may take legal action against any individual who harasses forum members via the discussion forum.

:arrow: Personal attacks, abusive behaviour, discrimination and impersonation are not permitted.
:arrow: Material posted must be suitable for general viewing. Swearing, links to obscene sites, the posting of obscene images is not permitted.
:arrow: Unsolicited advertising and "spam" (junk posts) are not welcome in this forum.
:arrow: Unreasonable and unbalanced attacks on brands, products and companies are not permitted. Any discussion on brands, product quality, companies etc needs to be balanced with the vendor’s or companies view. NB: By posting damaging comments on a brand or company that cannot be substantiated exposes you, the poster, to significant liability should the other party elect to challenge your comments in court. THINK BEFORE YOU POST & attempt to resolve any issues you have off-line.

Note: To all suppliers, sponsor’s and associated businesses, please note that the views, comments and posts on the forum are not necessarily those held by the ‘lineman.co.nz’, ‘lineman.com.au’ or ‘linemen.co.uk’ administrators, moderators or sponsors of these sites.

If you're unsure of anything relating to our rules then contact the forum administrator.
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